• Frame: Realacc X210 4mm Carbon Frame Kit (available here)
  • PDB: Matek XT60 PDB
  • Flight Controller: SPF3
  • Motors: Emax RS 2205 2300kV (Red Bottoms)
  • Props: DAL 5045 BN Tri
  • ESC: 20A LittleBee BLHeli
  • FPV Camera: Emax 800TVL CMOS with Custom 3D Printed Mount
  • VTx: FXT799 200mW 40ch VTx
  • Other: GoPro Session with Custom 3D Printed Mount, Matek Motor Mount LEDs, Homemade Antenna

Frame Build

There’s always a risk when buying clone frames with the quality of the carbon and the quality of cutting. I was pleasantly surprised when I unboxed the Realacc X210 (available here), carbon has a nice matt finish and looks to have a nice quality weave, the cuts are clean and accurate.

The frame builds up nice and easy with a single piece lower deck and arms holding the small upper deck with only 4x35mm standoffs. The frame also comes with a number of smaller carbon cutouts which form a fpv camera mount (perfect for an Hs1177 shaped cam) and ‘hood’ which allows massive tilt angles for those hardcore enough out there and provides a platform for a GoPro / Action cam to sit on.

However as I am using a non HS1177 shaped cam and a GoPro session I have left the mount plates off in this build. Additionally I substituted the 35mm standoffs for some 25mm shorter ones I had laying around to achieve a compact low profile build.

Also with the frame comes a battery strap and a carbon plate to provide protection for the under-slung battery position, although simple this is a nice little feature which seems to work.


Realacc X210 Electrics
Main electrics layout in the x210

Electrics for this build consist of some trusty components I had laying around. Emax RS2205 2300kV motors coupled with 20A LittleBee Escs running BLHeli to provide the punch and reliable SPF3 flight controller running Betaflight for the brains.

The frame kit comes with a Matek XT60 PDB which provides a neat solution to power leads etc, however having stolen it previously for another build I decided to stick in a Matek Power Hub PDB. If using the XT60 PDB it should clear the frame nicely with the XT60 orientated downward.

Realacc X210 Electrics Space
Electrics packaging in the frame with reduced height standoffs

Compared to the QAV210 (or the Lisam LS 210 Clone) this frame has a lot less real estate for packaging the electrics, however still perfectly adequate for a moderately experienced builder. To save precious space, I direct soldered ESC connections to the flight controller and left the header pins off. To save even more space, I mounted the PDB directly onto the bottom plate using rubber washers to stand it clear (avoiding shorting against the carbon).

FPV Cam and GoPro Session Mount

X210 GoPro Session Mount Design
Design of the 3D Printed GoPro Session Mount

The top plate footprint of the X210 looked perfect for mounting a GoPro Session, however the hardware and mounts out there were all suited to the standard GoPro / Yi / SJ type action cameras so I decided to design and 3D print my own.

With the bottom mounted battery, the top plate provides a good amount of space to centrally locate the camera and keep the center of gravity in the middle of the frame.

As this frame is designed for the use of a standard cased FPV camera such as the HS1177, it did not come with mounting hardware for the FPV camera. Again I designed up and 3D Printed my own solution with uses the front standoffs and allows my Emax 800TVL CMOS camera to be held by zip tie.

Closing Up

Packaging in the VTx and Rx was a challenge with the reduced height standoffs. The de-cased Orange R620X and VTx only just fit in the gap between the flight controller and the top plate. But it fits!

Realacc X210 Build
The Finished Build

It’s perhaps not the best build/packaging of the components just yet, however as with all my builds I suspect there will be a few re-builds until I am happy with the layout.

Realacc X210 Build
Closeup of the finished build


The first outing for the X210 was during our Glasgow FPV Trip to the Asylum. Here is some onboard footage from the GoPro and also some overlay of the FPV Cam footage.

All in all it flies beautifully with the GoPro onboard. The quad is well balanced, barely touched the tune from the default PIDs, and it locked in from first liftoff. Very impressed.

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  1. Really interested in copying this build for my next quad. Are the prints for the fpv and gopro session mounts available anywhere to download?

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