Out Of The Box Innovations VLXF230 Frame Review (Part 2)

Ian Petrie’s put together a follow up artice for the VLXF230! Check it out his guest post below. Introduction So, you will have read my part one review (you did, didn’t you!?) and my thoughts on the frame itself. The assembled frame got a lot of interested noises from those I showed it to, including […]

Atto DC130: Ridiculous speed in a tiny package

The minute I saw this frame, I wanted it. Smaller brushless frames (i.e., 3″ and below) have always seemed super interesting to me. Could they be as fast as a standard 5″ frame? Do they handle the same? How do you fit all your kit in there? I already have a couple of brushed micros but […]

ImmersionRC Vortex 150 Mini Initial Impressions

The wait is finally over! My patience has paid off, and now the lovely little ImmersionRC Vortex 150 Mini we first saw a few months ago at the ERSA races in Ibiza has arrived at my doorstep. Thanks to the fast shipping and great service from the team at fast-lad.co.uk this may be one of […]

Eachine Turbine QX70 BNF Tiny Whoop Clone First Impressions

Ever since someone took a Blade Inductrix, threw a camera on it and called it a Tiny Whoop, the drone world has went nuts for the things. And why not! The ability to fly FPV indoors while not killing yourself and your pets appeals to anyone who flies drones. If you are like me you […]