Winter is upon us here in Scotland where PropNuts are based, this means very limited weather windows where we can thrash our new kit outside. Luckily we have The Depot, an old factory come indoor airsoft facility on the outskirts of the city.

The Basement

During a post-Christmas session at the depot we decide to explore the darkest depths of the depot. On first inspection its dry, dark and actually colder than it is outside!.. Not to be dettered we threw a few lipos through the quads and test out the area.

The basement is filled with concrete pillars, brick walls and MDF / Netted walls which have been put up for airsoft games. A few crates, large reels and other random objects are scattered around.. Perfect for an indoor FPV track!

Fraser has a rip around the track, smashing a few walls / nets / pillars as he plows his new Realacc X210 build around. He crashes and recovers, wondering why his quad is behaving a tad funny he returns to the pits to find he had interrupted a crime scene somewhere in the basement..

Also interestingly, Fraser has ‘up-cycled’ his old defunked No-Pro which is playing the vital part of ‘FPV Camera Protector’.. It’s mounted up top on the QAV X clone frame and stops the FPV Camera lens hitting the ground. Even after it’s death the No-Pro still comes in handy!

KISS Maiden

Over the festive period I built up my hype quad, a QAV X Clone fully KISS’d and with a race pod. Read about it in my build log. Dying to try it out I said F#@k it and decided I would maiden her indoors in this brutal place.

First impression, this thing flies like a bag of sh#@.. And whats that noise its making? A few laps later I pull in to realise my motor bolts (all 16 of them) were loose and now I was missing one on each corner.

Take 2, I tighten up the bolts and ramp up the RC Rates and off we go. What a quad, it flies smooth out the box, not touched the tune and its as good as my tuned betaflight quad (did I mention i’m crap at tuning?). All in all a great build so far. Pleased with the 3 lipo’s I put through it I pack it away and bring out the indoor basher quad for a thrash.

The Track

Fraser lays out an epic track in the basement. The start line is just at the ‘Pits’. A quick launch and down a straight which narrows and turns into a tight right with a line either through a narrow opening between some crates or alternatively a less narrow corner if you fly over the top of the crates (without hitting the ceiling).

The right hander tightens into a hair pin where you are then faced with a narrow slit between a pillar and a wall. Its only about 1m wide. Blasting through, a gentle left and a chicane round another wall/pillar, then through a small corridor with a gentle left, again with an option to fly over a crate for more width but less height, or through the gap for less width but more height.

Coming out the corridor you’re met with a brick wall to sweep past, followed by another hairpin around a wall. Immediately after and with a quick blip of throttle you throw the quad over a wall, narrowly avoiding the ceiling. A couple of hairpins / chicanes later you’re faced with the long straight to the finish line, diagonally through some openings in the walls.

Here are some of the videos from the track:


Not magic smoke (for a change).. The luxury of an indoor airsoft venue is also the freedom to play in a controlled environment and do fun stuff legally. Today we strap a smoke bomb (used in airsoft games) and fly/chase it around.

Unfortunately the chase footage was short due to two of us crashing out moments after taking off.. In a dark tight venue it wasnt a surprise that neither of us could see where we were going when following a smoke wielding quad.

 The Damage?

Surprisingly most of the quads seem to go home in relatively speaking one piece. So far we have 1x smashed camera lens, 1x bent motor shaft and 1x lost lipo.. Came out and somehow ended up down the side of an elevator shaft??..

All in all a brilliant day. More to come with this venue, we have loads planned 🙂

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