Sun, Sand and Snapped Props at Parklea

While some of team FPV Glasgow were partying competing at the Euros in Ibiza, a few of us headed over to meet up with the Renegades at Parklea where they set up an epic track.

The track was a good mix, with a long straight for getting those props to squeal, hairpin corners around flags, over / under and around the football goal posts ending with a tightening left hander with trees at either side to catch out those corner cutters.

Ironically at the same time, the boys in Ibiza were hit by a massive storm while it was sunshine and bliss in Scotland.

The day at Parklea was filled with carnage (as usual) where some heated head to head racing was witnessed when Ryan, Marty and Des went at it.

Comedy and shenanigans also appeared throughout the day when Des flew a few laps of a race with his battery dangling only by the XT60 under the quad. Swinging round the corners I recall Des saying that it flew very well with the lower CG! Marty with his tunes blaring from the portable speaker and Ryans dance moves also featured.

This is what FPV is all about, hanging out with some good guys, racing, pushing each other to go faster and most of all having a laugh. Awesome day with Des, Marty, Ryan, Gravedigger and Bob.

Hope you enjoy the footage!

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