Today the good guys at sorted us out with some Fatshark Dominator HD2 vinyl wrap pimp kit, check it out!

If you’re looking for a non-permanent way to customise the look of your goggles then look no further. It comes as a simple DIY vinyl sticker kit (and its quality vinyl) pre-cut with sections that fit perfectly onto your Fatsharks. They have a massive range of colours including some reflective / psychedelic / camo colours.

Its pretty easy to apply, just clean your goggles and sticker it on with a bit of patience to avoid creases. You might need a heat gun to smooth out some of the curves but this one (which is apparently one of the stiffer vinyls) seem to manage fine.

There are some gaps between the sections of vinyl but this is so non-pro’s like us can apply them DIY. The curves would be way hard to do, and apparently if the sections were to meet at these corners the Vinyl would just peel.

Pretty pimp! Gotta try out some of the more mental colours next.

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