Going Mental at the Asylum

What do we do when it rains in Glasgow? We road trip it out to Edinburgh FPV territory and join them for some thrashing at the Asylum.

We started the day cruising over from Glasgow, all hoping for a McDonalds breakie but somehow missed all of them.. Instead we aim for KFC which we found out doesnt open till 11, so were left with Krispy Kremes.. Coffee and 2 Donuts each later we were hyped and ready to thrash the sticks.

The day consisted of a combination of buzzing around the track which Fraser and Ryan kindly set up using their DIY race gates and then some freestyle buzzing around the treeline.

The setting is an open field nicely shielded by rows of trees, with a backdrop on the side of the old Asylum building.

A good day out had by all, meeting up with a few of the Edinburgh lads.

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