I found myself recently online and in shops looking at bags! I’m talking manly man bags in the form of a backpack to carry all my masculine drone stuff..

Anyhow, the hype out there has been focused on the Lowepro Quadguard X1 and X2 bespoke bags for fpv racing enthusiasts. A couple of our guys have these and they look great! However they come at a price, plus no where in the UK seem to have any stock..

So I went elsewhere and narrowed it down to this beauty from Amazon for £49. Not sure of the manufacturer or name but the badge at the front says ‘Abonnyc’ and it can be found here.

The bag is actually a camera bag, and these work perfectly as they’re nice and padded and come with configurable dividers so you can adjust things to suit your kit. I managed to comfortably pack all this gear into the bag and clip my quads to the outside: 2x 210 Quads, Reaktor Charger, Parallel Board, 3x 5500mAh 4s lipos, 6x 1500mAh 4s Lipos, Fatshark Goggles, Spektrum Tx, Cables, Antennas, Basic Tool Kit and my 13″ Macbook Pro!

All the internal space is accessible from the rear, the zip goes all the way round and it clips open to reveal the insides. The dividers are simply put into place using the velcro tabs on the sides. If you want the entire padded section in the bag can be taken, leaving you a standard rucksack which can be accessed from the front and back.

The back of the bag is nice foam padded and the straps also. Complete with waist and chest straps it’s comfortable to carry.

The laptop fits nicely though a zip which is accessible from the front and there is a little padded pocket which it sits in to keep it safe. Perfect for when you plan to head out and do some tuning or work in the field where you need a computer. The padded section you can see from the front opening is actually the base of the padded stuff from the other side. As mentioned if you take the whole thing out it just becomes like a standard back pack.

The netted bits on the side are also handy for putting stuff in, bottle of water or a lipo charger fits nicely. There’s also the straps with clips on the side which I use to hold the quads. Finally there’s a little pocket in the front too, which is actually rather spacious, I could fit a massive amount of lipos in there too.

Using some of the left over dividers, I stacked them together and velcro’ed them to one side just above the tx. It clears the sticks nicely but sits against the main body of the radio. It does a nice job at keeping the sticks and switches clear of the back of the bag when its all closed up.

The bag also comes with a nice waterproof cover which can be slipped over the entire bag. Handy if you get caught out in the Scottish weather like us!

There really isnt much else to say apart from that for just under £50 this bag is great. For sure its not the quality of a lowepro bag, but it’s definitely worth the money. Its built sturdy, everything inside feels very secure and protected, plenty of space for all your stuff for a day’s outing and even space for a laptop.

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