Drone vs. Go Kart

Team PropNuts held their official debut outing last week at a local Go Kart track.

Working closely with the local business PropNuts managed to arrange access with The Experience Karting center in Hillington, Glasgow.

Taking it ‘easy’ for the first visit the pilots buzzed around the kart track. Onlookers (a local RC Car Club on the adjacent track, the Manager of the center and some people just finished their Karting session) were in awe and surprised at how fast these little machines were.

“I need to get one of those!” said one of the dad’s picking up his son from his RC Car Meet.

Keiran also had the chance to chase a couple of The Experience employees around the track as they thrashed it in the karts.

Crashes were minimal but spectacular with many props being obliterated, it’s certainly not a forgiving environment.

Here’s a video cut from the session, nice a chilled this time as we get used to the place, expect much more excitement soon as we return to fly again!

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