Armattan Mongoose 5″ Lightweight Carbon Race Frame

Premium Frame at Non-Premium Price When I first seen the news that Armattan was launching a race orientated frame I was initial skeptical on how competitive they could be with established market leaders out there. Was this going to be another premium frame with a premium price tag of £100? The quick answer was NO! […]

Out Of The Box Innovations VLXF230 Frame Review (Part 2)

Ian Petrie’s put together a follow up artice for the VLXF230! Check it out his guest post below. Introduction So, you will have read my part one review (you did, didn’t you!?) and my thoughts on the frame itself. The assembled frame got a lot of interested noises from those I showed it to, including […]

Atto DC130: Ridiculous speed in a tiny package

The minute I saw this frame, I wanted it. Smaller brushless frames (i.e., 3″ and below) have always seemed super interesting to me. Could they be as fast as a standard 5″ frame? Do they handle the same? How do you fit all your kit in there? I already have a couple of brushed micros but […]

Matek F405-OSD F4 Integrated OSD Flight Controller

Last week I discovered a new nickname for myself.. ‘Shorty’.. Apparently I have a habit of shorting stuff out in my builds and causing minor releases of magic pixie smoke.. Long story short this week I thought I killed my KISS FC so I went online and found this little guy for a mere £22 […]

EMax 2306 2400kv white motors initial impression

Just when you think your existing motors are more than powerful enough they get flung off the back of the hype train and a new version comes smashing through! The EMax white motors, RS2306, 2400kV are a worthy upgrade to the standard RS2205 2300kV red bottoms. Top level summary: Claims of up t0 1.5kg thrust […]