Will it fly??

.. A new series of ‘scientific’ tests courtesy of PropNuts, pushing the limits of multirotor technology to answer questions on every persons mind.. Or perhaps just a bunch of Prop Nutters trying out silly things.. You decide!

Prop Pick and Mix

Looking around today out at the field we notice between us we have RaceKraft, DAL and King Kong props of all shapes and sizes. Someone asks ‘how well will a quad fly with a mixed set of props?’

We’re all sure that it will but Fraser steps up to the challenge and volunteers his machine for the test!

Fraser Changing Props

Everyone pitches in and throws Fraser a prop. There’s no point starting small so we gather the most diverse selection of 5 in props we had between us. We put one of each 5in prop we had onto his quad, Standard Prop, Tri Prop, Quad Prop and a Hex Prop. We ended up with a mental looking quad on acid! Very colorful.

Prop Pick and Mix

But the big question is.. Will it fly??


It does fly! We’re not hugely surprised, but then Fraser takes it for a proper spin, punching the throttle, shoving the sticks to the corners for rolls and flips. It sounded like no quad we’ve heard flying before.

“It doesn’t feel any different”

Apparently it flies very nice! No unexpected behavior nor did it go up in flames.. A bit of an anticlimax. The noticeable difference was in the corners, the quad would start out by ‘gripping’ the air in the bend, but would transition to a side slip. Is this the new era of Drone ‘Drift’ racing? Or as Ryan said, drone ‘Nascar’ with larger props on the right to help it turn only left?..

Quad and Tri Props

To top it off, Fraser tried one more combination. 4in tri props on the front and 5in hex props on the rear. Again it flew perfectly fine (to our disappointment).

Well there you have it, there’s no need to panic about what props you have left in the box, or if you have one slightly mishapen or bent prop. It will fly just fine!

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