First Person View of Going Commercial: The First Steps

From FPV to Commercial Droning Ever since setting out on my adventure into the multirotor world when building my DIY 450 3/4 years ago I have always dreamt about aerial photography and video with the potential to go commercial and make back some £’s, however the process seemed a long and expensive one so for […]

TBS RaceTracker unboxing, initial impressions and review

The Team BlackSheep RaceTracker caught our eye last year when it was announced. They’re now available within the UK and we’ve picked up 4 units to use for keeping track of our teams lap times. The RaceTracker is a personal lap timer which uses your 5.8GHz video signal to monitor and record your laps. What’s […]

ImmersionRC Vortex 150 Mini Initial Impressions

The wait is finally over! My patience has paid off, and now the lovely little ImmersionRC Vortex 150 Mini we first saw a few months ago at the ERSA races in Ibiza has arrived at my doorstep. Thanks to the fast shipping and great service from the team at this may be one of […]

Eachine Turbine QX70 BNF Tiny Whoop Clone First Impressions

Ever since someone took a Blade Inductrix, threw a camera on it and called it a Tiny Whoop, the drone world has went nuts for the things. And why not! The ability to fly FPV indoors while not killing yourself and your pets appeals to anyone who flies drones. If you are like me you […]

My First Wing – Flyingwings 900 Raven

The natural progression with this hobby appears to be ‘I want anything RC that can fly!’ so in spring 2016 I defected from quadcopters and purchased my first fixed wing, the Raven. I’ve had the wing for coming up to 9 months now and thought I would put an article together for anyone thinking […]

Drone vs. Go Kart

Team PropNuts held their official debut outing last week at a local Go Kart track. Working closely with the local business PropNuts managed to arrange access with The Experience Karting center in Hillington, Glasgow. Taking it ‘easy’ for the first visit the pilots buzzed around the kart track. Onlookers (a local RC Car Club on the […]

BBC Joins PropNuts at the Depot

BBC writer Ewen Hosie joins PropNuts pilots during a session at the depot for a crash course in drone racing to see what all the hype is about. “The buzzing in the air as I arrive is intensified by the impressive emptiness of my surroundings: a massive warehouse filled with the husks of disused cars, resting […]