Making your own 12/25v PSU

Making your own 12/25v PSU First of all, you have to understand what you are actually doing (unlike me) as you’re dealing with mains voltage and large electrolytic capacitors. If not done properly you could seriously harm yourself or others!! What you need: Multimeter with continuity testing 2 matching PSUs 4mm Banana connectors Decant soldering […]

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Shendrones Corgi build log
Shendrones Corgi

Components Frame: Shendrones Corgi Flight controller: Lumineer LUX PDB: Matek Mini Power HUB Motors: Racerstar Racing Edition 2205 2300KV ESC: DYS XM20A FPV camera: Emax 800TVL CMOS VTx: TS5840 200mW 40ch VTx Other: FrSky D4R-II receiver, TBS Triumph antenna, KingKong 5045 tri props First steps The Shendrones Corgi is a bit different to your average frame. It’s designed to […]

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What to do when your Quad goes for a swim

With winter upon us …it seems more and more people are making unexpected ‘landings’ onto less than desirable ground (or lack thereof!). When this happened to me this weekend on my maiden outing after a re-build I was less than impressed. Across the internet you will find plenty of information on how to best rescue […]

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QAV-X 210 Realacc Clone with GoPro Session Build
Realacc X210 Build

Hardware Frame: Realacc X210 4mm Carbon Frame Kit PDB: Matek XT60 PDB Flight Controller: SPF3 Motors: Emax RS 2205 2300kV (Red Bottoms) Props: DAL 5045 BN Tri ESC: 20A LittleBee BLHeli FPV Camera: Emax 800TVL CMOS with Custom 3D Printed Mount VTx: FXT799 200mW 40ch VTx Other: GoPro Session with Custom 3D Printed Mount, Matek Motor Mount LEDs, […]

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OrangeRx R620x on a diet
Orange R620x No Pins

Its a Saturday afternoon and it’s raining outside so what better to do than to put the OrangeRx r620x v2 receiver on a diet. Running a Spektrum radio limits you to particular receivers particularly if you plan on running sbus or ppm. Orange RX receivers from HobbyKing are my choice. Cheap, comes with ppm or sbus […]

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Custom Brushed Micro

Inspired by the Tiny Whoop craze — and the fact that I got my printer working correctly — I thought it would be a good laugh to try and build a little brushed micro with a fully custom frame. Specs Nothing particularly fancy spec-wise. Just as much as I could grab from Banggood on the […]

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