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Where to mount your LiPo Battery?

Where should I put it? Last week someone asked the question about top mount vs. under-slung battery mounting for racing quads. This started plenty of debate as you would expect, a lot of which in my opinion was complete garbage, so this got me thinking. It turns out that the problem isn’t as simple as […]

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Building an FPV Racing Drone for the Beginner

This is a simple guide of what to purchase if you’re looking to build a racing drone. We’ve been getting quite a few people asking how much it costs, what to buy, etc, so we’ve come up with this list of components that will make for a cheap-but-good drone for a beginner — good enough […]

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Out Of The Box Innovations VLXF230 Frame Review (Part 2)

Ian Petrie’s put together a follow up artice for the VLXF230! Check it out his guest post below. Introduction So, you will have read my part one review (you did, didn’t you!?) and my thoughts on the frame itself. The assembled frame got a lot of interested noises from those I showed it to, including […]

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