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S800 Sky Shadow fixed wing build log and impression – part 1

2016 will be marked down in history as ‘Year of the Miniquad’. Honestly, the amount of new kit that’s came out in 2016 was absolutely hideous. There isn’t a week without a new frame, new motor, new protocol, new cam and new hype.  But, just like your mini quad, what comes up – must come […]

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First Person View of Going Commercial: The First Steps

From FPV to Commercial Droning Ever since setting out on my adventure into the multirotor world when building my DIY 450 3/4 years ago I have always dreamt about aerial photography and video with the potential to go commercial and make back some £’s, however the process seemed a long and expensive one so for […]

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TBS RaceTracker uboxing, initial impressions and review

The Team BlackSheep RaceTracker caught our eye last year when it was announced. They’re now available within the UK and we’ve picked up 4 units to use for keeping track of our teams lap times. The RaceTracker is a personal lap timer which uses your 5.8GHz video signal to monitor and record your laps. What’s […]

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