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THUG Team Elite 240 Frame Build and Review

THUG are a small independent designer and manufacturer of racing drone frames based in the UK. Despite being a small (single man) outfit they have had some innovative designs which are both functional but look good. Their newest addition to the family is the Thug Team Elite 240 HDPE frame with 3D Printed Nylon Pod. […]

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Atto DC130: Ridiculous speed in a tiny package

The minute I saw this frame, I wanted it. Smaller brushless frames (i.e., 3″ and below) have always seemed super interesting to me. Could they be as fast as a standard 5″ frame? Do they handle the same? How do you fit all your kit in there? I already have a couple of brushed micros but […]

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Matek F405-OSD F4 Integrated OSD Flight Controller

Last week I discovered a new nickname for myself.. ‘Shorty’.. Apparently I have a habit of shorting stuff out in my builds and causing minor releases of magic pixie smoke.. Long story short this week I thought I killed my KISS FC so I went online and found this little guy for a mere £22 […]

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