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Out Of The Box Innovations VLXF230 Frame Review (Part 2)

Ian Petrie’s put together a follow up artice for the VLXF230! Check it out his guest post below. Introduction So, you will have read my part one review (you did, didn’t you!?) and my thoughts on the frame itself. The assembled frame got a lot of interested noises from those I showed it to, including […]

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Next level track features

The SDRL is well underway and the Propnuts team are out as often as possible practicing messing about with our quads crashing into the DYS gates and Red Paddle flags. As the Scottish weather turns and the days get shorter we will be headed back indoors to fly and the LED lights come back out, […]

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WizardTracker Lap Timer: Never miss a lap!

Remember that time you ripped the best lap of your life? You were sure it was way faster than any other lap you ran before. Way faster than anyone else, infact. You made no mistakes, hit every gate perfectly, and that throttle was pinned the whole time. Except, then you go check in with the […]

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